DAWN: The first-ever Solrise Finance Testnet Competition with $250,000 in rewards

Are you a crypto trader or a crypto investor or can you design memes? Look no further as Solrise Finance is giving out a whopping $250,000 in rewards to participants in the upcoming Solrise finance testnet competition.

Solrise finance, a non-custodial asset management and investment protocol on Solana is set to commence its first-ever testnet from the 8th to 21st of June, 2021 on the Solana devnet called DAWN. The testnet competition is divided into 2 categories:

  1. Trading category.
  2. Meme competition.

Trading category: This category would allow users to compete for the top spot either as a fund manager or an investor. Users would visit dawn.solrise.finance and activate their DAWN account via a Twitter verification and register as a fund manager and/or investor in this category. Fund managers would receive $50,000 while investors would receive $10,000 in testnet funds. Exclusive features of the testnet include swap service using Coingecko prices oracle feed, stop loss, limit orders for fund managers, and more. Rewards would be shared among the top-ranking fund managers and investors based on their return-on-the-initial-testnet-fund. Users in the investor category can only invest in up to 3 funds at a time and can freely enter and exit funds throughout the testnet competition.

Testnet Rules:

  1. Do not use racist/obscene fund names and descriptions.
  2. Do not exploit bugs as this could result in outright disqualification rather, report bugs.

Top 1,000 Fund managers’ rewards:

First position — 500k SLRS + an exclusive DAWN badge NFT

Second position — 200k SLRS + an exclusive DAWN badge NFT

Third position — 100k SLRS + an exclusive DAWN badge NFT

4 — 10th position — 30k SLRS each + an exclusive DAWN badge NFT

11 — 20th position — 10k SLRS each + an exclusive DAWN badge NFT

21 — 100th position — 5k SLRS each + an exclusive DAWN badge NFT

101 —500th position — 2k SLRS each

501— 1,000th position — 1k SLRS each

Top 5,000 investors’ rewards:

First position — 200k SLRS

Second position — 100k SLRS

Third position — 50k SLRS

4–10th position — 16k SLRS each

11–20th position — 5k SLRS each

21–100th position — 2k SLRS each

101–500th position — 1k SLRS each

501–5,000th position — 200 SLRS each

Meme competition: Members of the Solrise finance community can show their creative ability by coming up with their memes. The funnier, the more creative, the better. Memes can be in form of images, stickers, videos, songs, or whatever depicts a meme. The top 150 entries with the highest likes would receive rewards accordingly. 1Retweet = 5Likes. Always use the hashtag #SolriseDAWN when posting your memes on any social media platform to be considered for rewards. Solrise finance team would randomly pick 5 lucky winners to receive 10k SLRS each. A Twitter verification will also be required for the meme competition winners to receive their rewards.

Meme competition rewards:

First position — 30k SLRS

Second position — 20k SLRS

Third position — 15k SLRS

4–10th position — 16k SLRS each

11–20th position — 10k SLRS each

21–100th position — 400SLRS each

5 x 10k SLRS for random winners.

Solrise finance reserves the right to disqualify any participant at any point during this competition.

Visit the official website www.solrise.finance to learn more about Solrise finance and join the communities: Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

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