A week after announcing its partnership with @maticnetwork to integrate its layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum blockchain, Xend Finance is on track to fully scale on both the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain. This partnership announcement comes as the first partnership announcement of 2021 since Xend Finance’s last partnership with @elrondnetwork in December, 2020. Elrond network has a yield aggregator protocol which Xend Finance would integrate to bring more yield to its users via $EGLD staking and DeFi products.

@certik, a blockchain firm that combines its leading formal verification technology with best-in-class cybersecurity experts to deliver end-to-end security services, is currently auditing the Xend Finance codebase as new features are being implemented. With clients like Bitmain, Binance, Huobi, Aave, Neo, VeChain and Ethereum foundation, Certik has performed over 220 audits that has secured over $8Billion since its existence. New features recently added to the Xend Finance Web3.0 Application include: Xend Token rewards and Fixed savings feature. These features and more are being implemented as the codebase audit is in its final days. Upon completion of this audit by Certik, Xend Finance protocol and GitHub would be made open source for programmers and the community to access, while new partnerships are announced.

Since the completion of the incentivized testnet, Xend Finance has gone ahead to market its brand across different media platforms including its African Road Show and a Binance Developer Materclass tagged ‘Careers in Blockchain Technology’, of which Xend Finance is a partner. This exposure and marketing has resulted in the growth of the community by over 100%, including members from over 75 countries. With Xend Finance private sale completed in November, 2020, all eyes are set on its mainnet and product launch, with a date for an Initial Coin Offering or Initial Exchange Offering to be announced soon. This is expected after Xend Finance CEO, Aronu Ugochukwu in his words to the Telegram community, cleared the air about Binance suspending Naira deposits following Nigeria’s Central Bank directive,

“This has been a major news in the crypto space, especially for new crypto investors, but the true essence of crypto is decentralization. [The] majority of crypto trades that occur in Nigeria are peer-to-peer…..Nigeria did not ban Bitcoin and this does not affect Xend[Finance]”.

For more information about Xend Finance visit the official website at https://xend.finance/ or join the communities via twitter, telegram or reddit. You can also take part in the testnet at https://testnet.xend.finance/ and subscribe to the monthly newsletter here.



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